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At Partake, we do things a little differently. We offer tenants maximum benefits like flexible lease and kitchen space options as well as provide a network of restaurateur experts. Our concept is unique in that we’ve created a new way of serving communities. With our retail and food hall model, our ghost kitchens offer customers the option to dine in, with access to local vendors and products. That’s the Partake way.

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Experience Community

Partake is a destination where customers and local restaurants like yours come together as a community. We offer a variety of options such as take-out, dine-in and retail shops, all from local businesses.


We created easy online ordering with both pickup and delivery options.


Customers can dine in our food hall or use our space for special events.


We support local businesses that align with our values to nurture the community.


We offer creative solutions to support local neighborhoods and bring communities together.

Why Partake?

Partake is the first of its kind. We provide the means to capitalize on the latest food and beverage trends while bringing customers, local chefs, and business owners together as a community. Local restaurants can expedite opening and streamline operations by working with our “ghost kitchen” meets “digital food hall” model.


  • Fast-track your opening timeline
  • Utilize 3rd party delivery services
  • Eliminate standard overhead costs
  • Save on heavy-use items in bulk
  • Run your business with our tech platform
  • Sustain your concept with on-site support


  • Network of vetted experts and vendors
  • Private, customizable kitchens
  • Fully outfitted, state-of-the-art test kitchen
  • Pop-up restaurants & bars
  • Communal kitchen for short-term use
  • Analytics, sales data & reporting
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Our Services

Our goal is to advocate for our communities and strengthen the economy by supporting local businesses. Customers now have competitive options to shop small and be exposed to innovative new food and beverage concepts.

We provide local restaurants, chefs, and food entrepreneurs a variety of optional services like training, exclusive services, and support through our network of vetted vendors, professionals, and food and beverage experts. We advocate for local entrepreneurs, operators, and producers. We also provide an exclusive support infrastructure to support tenants and offer a business incubator and accelerator program.

Our network of vetted, collaborative vendors provides new business owners guidance and includes experts from legal and branding to food and beverage operations and business development to help your business reach success.


From POS to 3rd party delivery, we'll have your business up and running in a matter of days. Finding and keeping customers has never been easier with our simple solutions for every step of the journey. Forget the hours spent on configuring hardware and installing software. Leverage Partake's technology stack so you can focus on what matters most—your people and your product. At Partake, we have chosen leading-edge tools and platforms that will grow your ghost kitchen operation and brand.

The Difference Between Partake and A Regular Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens are a rapidly growing food and beverage segment, expected to become a $1 trillion industry by 2030, according to Euromonitor. Designed as professional cooking facilities and focused on production of food for take-out or delivery, ghost kitchens reduce typical brick-and-mortar restaurant model start-up and overhead costs by as much as 70%. The restaurant industry is seeing dramatic shifts in consumer preferences driven by the pandemic and shifting consumer habits. Demand for food delivery is estimated to increase 82% by 2026, while the need for dine-in restaurants is returning as communities recover from the pandemic.

Partake is a new concept and a variety of experiences—part ghost kitchen, part test kitchen, part food hall, and part market retail. At Partake, people can take out, dine in, and shop from local businesses that use our diverse spaces to improve both efficiency and overall business success. Partake is the first of its kind, providing culinary entrepreneurs an opportunity to capitalize on the latest food and beverage trends through a variety of flexible kitchen types and commitment terms.

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