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Diverse restaurant offerings and a retail shop at your convenience. That’s the Partake way.

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Visit our cloud food hall and market eatery for a unique meal experience. Shop local restaurants and explore food concepts from new restaurants and talented chefs.

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Our Mission

Partake is an interconnected ecosystem committed to strengthening communities through food experiences—putting smart and conscious dining at the forefront of our mission.

We make accessing the newest local restaurants easier than ever and offer a unique digital market approach to sourcing snacks and products. Experience the new way of local dining and delivery at our food hall and market eatery.

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Are you a local chef looking to invest in your next food concept? Join our community and rent out our private kitchens and communal kitchen spaces. We can help take your passion and turn it into a thriving and sustainable business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a traditional ghost kitchen work vs. Partake?

While most traditional ghost kitchens only offer pickup and delivery services with no public storefront, Partake does things a little differently. We offer a communal food hall and virtual market to offer a shared space where people can enjoy food from their local community. This is different from other ghost kitchens which only offer virtual food services. Visit our locations to enjoy a dine-in experience, or order online for pickup or delivery—it’s that simple!

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What is Partake?

Partake Collective is a ghost kitchen operator and developer. We were created as a solution: Though the demand for food delivery has grown since the pandemic, communities are still in need of brick-and-mortar restaurants where people can dine in. Partake is the first of its kind—part ghost kitchen, food hall, test kitchen, and retail market space. Our unique food + market hall offers a variety of snacks and products from local vendors. Our goal is to create an innovative community ecosystem where customers and restaurants can connect while supporting localism.

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What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, and commissary kitchens, are a relatively new type of professional cooking facility where operators lease private kitchens or kitchen spaces to produce food specifically for take-out or delivery. These physical spaces are commercial kitchens that typically have no dine-in seating, no storefront, and no service staff. Ghost kitchens are great for small business owners and entrepreneurs because they dramatically reduce the cost and timeline for operational start-up and provide a low-cost extension of any current brick and mortar kitchen operations. Brands and restaurants who work out of ghost kitchens fulfill their orders via food delivery apps or online ordering platforms for delivery or takeout (and sometimes drive-thru). Ghost kitchens are not virtual or delivery-only restaurants—they are the physical space where virtual or delivery-only restaurants can operate from.

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