Hourly Kitchen

How to Get Started in an Hourly Kitchen

If you need a commercial kitchen, but don’t need the overhead of a long-term lease, hourly kitchens are the perfect solution. Hourly kitchens give you access to pro-level facilities with top-of-the-line equipment just when you need it, at a reasonable cost. Find out why hourly kitchens are a popular option and how you can rent one too.  

Hourly Kitchens Offer Lots of Perks with No Commitment.

It’s hard to beat the flexibility and savings of an hourly kitchen. These ghost kitchens provide the freedom to scale your business without prohibitive start-up costs or overhead. Plus, your kitchen suite is fully equipped for a turnkey experience and exclusively yours during your rental period. See what’s included here.

Many Types of Businesses Benefit from Hourly Kitchens

With so many valuable features, it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs choose hourly kitchens to launch or expand their food business. Hourly kitchens have many use cases, from concept testing to food truck and Cottage Food Act operators, short-term catering, meal prep services, pop-ups, and more.  Best of all, you can rent even if you’re new to the culinary community. 

Getting Started is Easier Than You Think

There are just four simple steps to take before you rent an hourly kitchen:

  1. Obtain your business license.
  2. Receive a permit from environmental health (we’ll help!)
    • Once you have your business license, contact our team who can walk you through the permitting process, assist with your application to ensure accuracy, and schedule your inspection.
  3. Get food safety certified
  4. Secure insurance
    • Before you can begin renting, you’ll need to provide proof of general liability insurance. You can see the coverage levels required to rent at Partake Collective here, and even purchase a policy though a broker our operators work with regularly.

And that’s it! Once you’re set up to rent, you can reserve our hourly kitchens anytime via our convenient online portal. It’s simple and convenient. 

If you’re excited to get cooking, come check out our kitchens in person or chat with one of our experts. Start the conversation or schedule a tour here.

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