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Partake is a collective for those passionate about food. We offer rentable commercial kitchens that provide a foothold for small businesses. And we offer dining opportunities– through our food halls, garden bars, event spaces and more– that provide a gathering place for the community.
Partake continues to grow and is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in current or future opportunities, please get in touch here.
Our mission is to provide the space for entrepreneurs to flourish and exciting new flavors to emerge. Learn more about our story here.
Space and Kitchens

Yes. We’ve set up our Chef’s and Commissary Kitchen to facilitate compliance with USDA regulations for shared spaces such as commercial kitchens. For more information on applying for a USDA inspection in a shared space, click here.

Yes, you can rent cold storage space on its own, even if you’re not renting one of our kitchens.
We’ve designed and priced equipment for each kitchen as part of our test-fit and permitting requirements. We can even facilitate city approvals, kitchen drawings for city submittal, and equipment procurement based on our designs as an add-on service. For more info, contact us here.
We have a designated receiving area for deliveries at both locations.
Please contact our team here for more information.
Click here for detailed information on the kitchens offered at each of our locations.
Our kitchens come with a host of amenities and expert support. See what’s included here.
We use KioskBuddy for the onsite guest ordering system and Square for payment processing.
Our operators provide their own packaging so they can choose what’s most consistent with their brand and feature their logo. However, we do provide to-go bags for guests inside our food hall and market.
Yes! We have dry, cold, and freezer storage available by the shelf or rack. Best of all, the Health Department can verify your storage at the same time as your health inspection, expediting the process.

We created Partake to be accessible for a wide range of operators, whether you’re looking to launch a business, expand, or simply need new kitchen space. Our range of short and long-term lease options are great for food truck operators, short term catering needs, operators developing a concept, someone in need of recipe testing space, cottage food act operators, farmers market prep space, restaurateurs opening a second delivery-only location, and more. If you’re unsure, reach out here so we can talk through your needs.

Yes! Customers visiting our dining hall and pick-up area often browse the adjacent retail space on the first floor, which features local producers like you. It's a great way to broaden your exposure.
All delivery orders must be fulfilled through a third-party delivery service.
We love to feature our operators and do so on our website, social media, and via email marketing. We also market our food hall, partnerships, and special events to the community to help drive traffic through our doors, and ultimately to your business.

Yes! And it may help you get your permit faster. Through our exclusive program with the Long Beach Health Department, we provide complimentary application support and scheduling of your health inspection during specially reserved dates for our operators. Get in touch with one of our team members to learn more.

Long-term kitchens can be up and running in as little as 60 days, while hourly kitchens take as few as 3 weeks. To start, get your business license. Then, we can assist with submitting plans to the local health department, as well as equipment layout and procurement for long-term kitchens if needed. To learn more about our support or discuss the specifics of your potential timeline, contact us here.
Ghost kitchen costs vary based on size, location, and features. Contact us to discuss your needs. Our team would be happy to provide a quote.
We create a mutually agreed-upon schedule for a minimum number of hours and days per week with each of our operators to ensure our customers have a variety of options available at any given time.

You’ll need a business license and health operating permit. You’ll also need worker’s compensation and general liability insurance per the requirements of our leasing agreement. We’ll gladly walk you through the process. Get in touch here.

We take care of janitorial maintenance in common areas, regular hood and exhaust system cleaning, grease interceptor maintenance, cleaning chemicals and linens. We also have a network of vetted vendors able to help with everything from legal to branding, food and beverage operations to kitchen equipment. Contact us for more information.

You may use any third-party delivery service you wish.

Yes! Our chef’s kitchen, private dining area, garden bar, meeting space, and food hall are all available to rent for events. To inquire about availability, please contact us.

Yes! You can order from multiple restaurants on one ticket in our food hall.

We’d love to hear more about your concept. Contact us here to start the process.

You can order from one of our food hall restaurants via our convenient ordering kiosks located inside Partake Collective. Or check out the pickup and delivery options for each restaurant by clicking the Food Hall button located at the top of this page. Our ghost kitchen operators are available exclusively through third-party delivery apps.
Your order will be placed in a Pick-Up Station cubby inside the Partake Collective location you selected. You’ll receive a notification once your order is ready, with instructions on how to find your cubby.
Our food halls and markets are open from 11am – 10pm daily. For information on specific restaurants within our food hall, please click the Food Hall button at the top of this page.
If you placed your order in-person, please contact the restaurant directly. If you placed your order via a third-party delivery app, such as UberEats, please contact their customer service.
Ghost Kitchens
Our food hall and market eatery were created to support local small businesses and provide a space for the community to gather. Inside you’ll find a wealth of options for delicious meals, drinks and snacks, convenient ordering kiosks, pick-up cubbies, and lots of open seating. Whether you choose to dine-in, shop at our market, take your food to go, or have it delivered, there’s something for everyone, and more than one way to enjoy it.
Our food halls are a collection of small, locally developed restaurant concepts. Customers can order from one or multiple vendors and take their food to go or enjoy it in our communal dining area.
Ghost kitchens are professional cooking facilities where operators lease kitchen space to produce food for takeout or delivery. Typically, these spaces do not offer dine-in seating, a storefront, or service staff. This keeps operational costs low and reduces the time to start-up.
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