Just What You Need:

Prep Kitchens

Our prep kitchens are just what you need (and nothing you don’t). With no mechanical exhaust, these spaces are ideal for cold food operators, bakers, or those who only need space to prep.

Take A Tour
View of the prep kitchen.

The (not so) Skinny

Our Prep Kitchens Feature:

  • Private, customizable spaces
  • Code-compliant finishes
  • Pre-run utility connections
  • 200 - 400 sq. feet each

Set-Up with Support

Get cooking faster. Our experienced team has designed and priced equipment for each kitchen as part of our test-fit and permitting requirements. As an add-on service, we can support:

  • City approvals
  • Kitchen drawings for city submittal
  • Equipment procurement based on our kitchen designs

Extras already included

  • All utilities
  • Bi-weekly deliveries of cleaning chemicals and side towels
  • Common area workstations
  • Locker room facilities
  • Common mops
  • Sinks
  • Ice machines

Hungry for more?

Whether you need additional space, or additional guidance, we’ve got your covered.

Add-on storage space-- including dry storage cages, self-contained reach-in refrigerators and self-contained reach-in freezers—are available for rent on a monthly basis.

Plus, as a tenant, you can take advantage of our network of vetted vendors and professionals. Contact us for more info!

Prep Kitchen Floor Plans

Prep 1

Prep Kitchen 1 Floorplan

Prep 2

Prep Kitchen 2 Floorplan

Prep 3

Prep Kitchen 3 Floorplan

Prep 4

Prep Kitchen 4 Floorplan

Prep 5

Prep Kitchen 5 Floorplan

Prep 6

Prep Kitchen 6 Floorplan

Prep 7

Prep Kitchen 7 Floorplan

Prep 8

Prep Kitchen 8 Floorplan

Prep 9

Prep Kitchen 9 Floorplan

Prep 10

Prep Kitchen 10 Floorplan

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