Supporting Communities Through Our Ghost Kitchens

We’re committed to strengthening communities by providing local chefs the support needed to create a successful business and neighborhoods access to new food concepts. Our method works for a restaurant at any stage. Using our ghost kitchens can lower your startup overhead and allow you to take advantage of growing consumer demand by offering online ordering and food delivery.

Partake is unconventional. We blend a variety of business models to create a unique experience that is part ghost kitchen, chef's kitchen, food hall, and retail market. Each location has a different combination of potential spaces: bar, pop-up restaurant, kitchen, event space, and mess hall. People can dine-in, take-out, and shop from local businesses all in one interconnected space. We’re happy to announce that our first location in Long Beach is launching in 2022 and our second location is currently under construction in Los Angeles.

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Let's Talk Startup Facts


projected growth of annual food delivery revenue


of small businesses fail in the first year


average restaurant startup cost


of every $100 spent on a local business stays within the local economy

Restaurants Have Changed

The way we eat, work, and live is undergoing an irreversible change. More people are looking to start their own business, consumers are using their resources to make a difference and shop small, technology is advancing, and the online food ordering industry is rapidly growing.

Starting or expanding a restaurant is risky. In fact, 1 of every 5 new businesses will close in the first year. New business owners face large start-up costs and steep learning curves. Conventional food and beverage models require significant funding and have high overheads to maintain operations. Data also shows that within 10 years, only 3 out of every 10 businesses will still have their doors open. Many business owners decide that it’s too difficult or expensive to continue.

Partake Collective’s operating format, facility, and resources allow you to create and sustain a business on a significantly smaller budget and get up and running quickly. Using these systems, our goal is to create an impact by helping more budding local restaurants and food entrepreneurs have lasting success in the food service industry.

Amplifying Community Experience

For Business Owners

Real opportunities and supportive ecosystem

For Customers

Diverse food options and unique experiences

For Communities

Fresh opportunities and local accessibility

Meet the Team

The Partake team is a group of innovative and creative individuals working to make an impact in the food and beverage industry through local communities. We come from a melting pot of expertise such as finance, restaurant operations, branding, business development, technology, and more—fueled with a fresh perspective on where the food and beverage industry is today and how it can transform in the future. We’re in the process of building our team for our first location in Long Beach. Interested in joining our staff or want to learn more about our core team? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Partake Long Beach

456 Elm Avenue
Long Beach, CA

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Partake Glassell Park

North Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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