Our Ghost Kitchen Space

Partake Long Beach is Open Now!

Partake Long Beach
456 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA

  • 25,000 Square feet
  • Downtown-adjacent + 1 mile to LBC’s municipal core
  • 21 kitchens available for rent or lease

Second Location Coming In Early 2024

Partake Glassell Park
North Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

  • 17,600 Square feet
  • Located in central Glassell Park
  • 15 kitchens + a bar & pop-up restaurant for rent

The Partake ghost kitchen concept is an interconnected experience including a common area for ordering, shopping, and dining, a chef's kitchen, commercial kitchens, prep kitchens, shared hourly kitchens, and storage areas.

Our Space

Private Commercial Kitchen Features

  • Private, customizable spaces
  • Available with or without an exhaust system
  • Wide range of square footages
  • A fully outfitted Chef's Kitchen
  • 5-suite hourly kitchen

Tenant Common Areas

  • Ice machines and janitorial facilities on every level
  • Classroom, meeting rooms, and work-stations
  • Additional rentable storage options (cold, frozen, and dry)

Public Common Areas for Customers

  • Public food hall
  • Order and receiving area
  • Contactless retail space
  • Order pick-up cubbies
  • Event space

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Partake help with permitting and fit-out*?

Absolutely! Our experienced team has designed and priced equipment for each kitchen as part of our test-fit and permitting requirements. When you lease a kitchen, we can facilitate city approvals, kitchen drawings for city submittal, and equipment procurement based on our kitchen designs as an add-on service. If you have more questions about this, please contact us here.

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Are there additional storage options available?

Yes! We have private, lockable dry storage cages, self-contained reach-in refrigerators, and self-contained reach-in freezers available for rent on a monthly basis.

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What services are provided?

An additional benefit to operating out of Partake is that we take care of some basic services so that you don’t need to worry about them. These services for tenants include the following: janitorial maintenance in common areas, regular hood and exhaust system cleaning, grease interceptor maintenance, all chemicals, linens, and internal technology infrastructure. 

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What are the types of kitchens available?

In order to suit different needs and different types of operators, Partake has four types of kitchens available for rent or lease.

Private Kitchens

Our private kitchens are equipped only with a pre-installed commercial exhaust system, along with all the pre-run utility connections an operation of that size might require. As these spaces are delivered empty, they allow for significant customization. They are available for lease on a 1-year term, with as many as two additional 1-year extensions.

Prep Kitchens

Our prep kitchens are about 200-400sf each, and contain only code-compliant finish materials + pre-run utilities. These kitchens are not equipped for any type of mechanical exhaust and are used solely for cold food preparation-type operations. They are available for lease at 6, 9, and 12 month terms, with flexible extension options.

Hourly Kitchens

Our hourly kitchen contains 5 fully-equipped rentable cooking suites, 4 of which contain traditional cooking equipment, with the 5th fit-out with large production equipment. The space also contains 2 shared walk-in refrigerators, a walk-in freezer, separate dry-storage space, and a commercial warewashing station. These suites are rentable for 4-12 hour shifts, with time-frames from as little as one day up to a full month. When reserving a cooking suite in our hourly kitchen, that individual cooking line is yours exclusively for the duration of your rental term.

Chef's Kitchen

Our chef's kitchen is fully-outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment, and set in full-view of Partake’s guest-facing operation. This space is rentable by the day or week, for up to 3 weeks of private use. Additionally, the space possesses a chef’s counter with seating up to 6, along with an adjacent conference room for use as a private dining room for an added fee. Unfortunately, this space cannot be utilized for pop-ups or any type of event that guests would be charged for attending. If you need space for a pop-up event, please contact us.

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Kitchen Floor Plans

Test/Show Kitchen

Test Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Commercial Kitchen 1 Floorplan

Kitchen 2

Commercial Kitchen 2 Floorplan

Kitchen 3

Commercial Kitchen 3 Floorplan

Kitchen 4

Commercial Kitchen 4 Floorplan

Kitchen 5

Commercial Kitchen 5 Floorplan

Kitchen 6

Commercial Kitchen 6 Floorplan

Kitchen 7

Commercial Kitchen 7 Floorplan

Kitchen 8

Commercial Kitchen 8 Floorplan

Kitchen 9

Commercial Kitchen 9 Floorplan

Prep 1

Prep Kitchen 1 Floorplan

Prep 2

Prep Kitchen 2 Floorplan

Prep 3

Prep Kitchen 3 Floorplan

Prep 4

Prep Kitchen 4 Floorplan

Prep 5

Prep Kitchen 5 Floorplan

Prep 6

Prep Kitchen 6 Floorplan

Prep 7

Prep Kitchen 7 Floorplan

Prep 8

Prep Kitchen 8 Floorplan

Prep 9

Prep Kitchen 9 Floorplan

Prep 10

Prep Kitchen 10 Floorplan

Hourly Kitchens

Communal Kitchen Space 1Communal Kitchen Space 2

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