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All About Ghost Kitchens

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What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, and commissary kitchens, are a relatively new type of professional cooking facility where operators lease private kitchens or kitchen spaces to produce food specifically for take-out or delivery. These physical spaces are commercial kitchens that typically have no dine-in seating, no storefront, and no service staff. Ghost kitchens are great for small business owners and entrepreneurs because they dramatically reduce the cost and timeline for operational start-up and provide a low-cost extension of any current brick and mortar kitchen operations. Brands and restaurants who work out of ghost kitchens fulfill their orders via food delivery apps or online ordering platforms for delivery or takeout (and sometimes drive-thru). Ghost kitchens are not virtual or delivery-only restaurants—they are the physical space where virtual or delivery-only restaurants can operate from.

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What is Partake?

Partake Collective is a ghost kitchen operator and developer. We were created as a solution: Though the demand for food delivery has grown since the pandemic, communities are still in need of brick-and-mortar restaurants where people can dine in. Partake is the first of its kind—part ghost kitchen, food hall, chef's kitchen, and retail market space. Our unique food + market hall offers a variety of snacks and products from local vendors. Our goal is to create an innovative community ecosystem where customers and restaurants can connect while supporting localism.

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How does a traditional ghost kitchen work vs. Partake?

While most traditional ghost kitchens only offer pickup and delivery services with no public storefront, Partake does things a little differently. We offer a communal food hall and virtual market to offer a shared space where people can enjoy food from their local community. This is different from other ghost kitchens which only offer virtual food services. Visit our locations to enjoy a dine-in experience, or order online for pickup or delivery—it’s that simple!

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What is a food hall?

A food hall is a collection of small, locally-developed restaurant concepts where customers can choose from multiple food vendors and dine in a communal setting.

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How does a market eatery + food hall work?

Traditionally, a food hall works similarly to a cafeteria. But traditional isn’t the Partake way. Our food hall isn’t like any cafeteria or mess hall you’ve experienced before. It’s designed to bring local communities together by offering more than just a seating area. We also offer a virtual market where you can purchase a variety of snacks and products to create a diverse community experience.

Leasing + Tenants

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How do I rent a kitchen from Partake Collective?

If you are interested in one of our kitchen spaces, please contact our team here. We will send you more information about our space and answer any questions you might have.

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What services are provided?

An additional benefit to operating out of Partake is that we take care of some basic services so that you don’t need to worry about them. These services for tenants include the following: janitorial maintenance in common areas, regular hood and exhaust system cleaning, grease interceptor maintenance, all chemicals, linens, and internal technology infrastructure. 

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Are you a good candidate for Partake?

Leasing or renting any type of kitchen facility may seem like a daunting endeavor, but we have designed Partake to be more accessible for all kinds of operators, whether you are looking to launch your brand, expand an existing operation, or simply need a commercial kitchen space for your business. Individual brick and mortar restaurants or facilities demand a significantly greater capital investment with a long term commitment, while renting or leasing a kitchen space can be a  more prudent course of action for testing or expanding new brands. Our spaces offer tenants a variety of commitment options. Partake kitchens are available to rent short-term or lease long-term to give you ultimate flexibility. 

Good candidates for Partake kitchens include, but are not limited to the following: food truck operators, short term catering needs, operators developing a concept, someone in need of recipe testing space, operator prepping for a special dinner event, cottage food act operators, farmers market prep space, restaurateurs opening a delivery-only second location, and more.

If you are still unsure if Partake is a good fit for your business, send us a message! One of our team members will be more than happy to discuss what options will best fit your needs.

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How long does it take to get up and running at Partake?

To get up and running in a Partake kitchen, you will need the following:

Submitted plans to the local Health Department for approval (~1 month) + equipment procurement (60 days). Our team has already designed and priced potential equipment layouts for our kitchens, and are fully prepared to facilitate this for you - or you can choose to do this yourself. If your concept plans to sell beer and wine to-go, you will also need a liquor license (120 days), which the Partake team can also assist you with. If you are interested in permitting and fit out support, click here.

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What is required to operate at Partake?

To operate at Partake, you will be required to have a business license, insurance, county health operating permit, workman’s comp and general liability insurance protection. Specific insurance requirements can be found in our leasing agreement. Apply for a business license in Long Beach, California

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As a tenant, can I sell products in your retail space?

Yes, we encourage it! Partake has a dining hall, pick-up area, and retail space on the first floor—customers who are dining in or picking up can browse products and shop from local producers. We want to promote localism and encourage our customers to shop small. Our shop is the perfect space to sell your locally-made product.

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Is there an hours of operations requirement?

All Partake tenants will be required to operate on an individual mutually-agreed upon fixed schedule for a minimum number of hours per day and days per week to make sure our customers have a variety of options available at a given time. 

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Can I do my own delivery?

At this time, all delivery orders by Partake Tenants must be fulfilled through the predetermined 3rd-party delivery affiliates.

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Does Partake help market my business?

Partake has a marketing and branding team which maintains our website, social media, and our marketing efforts to the community. By marketing the Partake space, we are marketing your business by extension. 

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Are there additional storage options available?

Yes! We have private, lockable dry storage cages, self-contained reach-in refrigerators, and self-contained reach-in freezers available for rent on a monthly basis.

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How much does it cost to rent a ghost kitchen?

How much it costs to rent a private ghost kitchen depends on the location and features available. There is no universal pricing structure. However, considering how much it costs to open a restaurant, renting a ghost kitchen offers a more affordable option with multiple leasing options. Please contact our team to learn more about the cost of renting a kitchen space.

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What expenses are included in the rent?

All utilities, Square transaction fees, bi-weekly deliveries of cleaning chemicals and side towels, as well as the use of common area work-stations, locker room facilities, common mops, sinks, and ice machines, are all included in your rent.

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Does Partake help with tenant inspections?

Upon request, Partake can provide assistance with any and all required submissions and inspections to allow for certified operations. Please send an inquiry for further information.

Space + Kitchens

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What is provided in each type of kitchen?

Read about what is provided in the different types of kitchens:

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Does Partake help with permitting and fit-out*?

Absolutely! Our experienced team has designed and priced equipment for each kitchen as part of our test-fit and permitting requirements. When you lease a kitchen, we can facilitate city approvals, kitchen drawings for city submittal, and equipment procurement based on our kitchen designs as an add-on service. If you have more questions about this, please contact us here.

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What technology and POS system does Partake use?

Partake utilizes KioskBuddy for the guest on-site ordering system and Square for payment processing. KioskBuddy is a self-service kiosk that uses Square as the payment processing platform. KioskBuddy allows businesses to transform an iPad into a self-service ordering experience for our customers. Square helps streamline orders with an integrated POS, Kitchen Display System, and online ordering solution.

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How do I receive my deliveries?

All deliveries are received at our designated receiving area off of 5th Street at the basement level.

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What equipment is allowed in the prep kitchens?

Any foodservice equipment bearing an NSF, ETL, or UL sticker or stamp is allowed within prep kitchens. As there is no mechanical exhaust in any of these kitchens, no cooking devices that require more than 1200 kW of power are allowed to be used within the space. All devices of this type will require written approval from the Partake team. No solid fuel-burning devices of any kind are permitted in prep kitchens.

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Can we rent just cold storage space?

Unfortunately, storage options at Partake are limited to tenants only.

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What areas can Partake guests access?

During operating hours, guests are allowed to access the ground floor (Level 1) to place and pick up orders, shop, and dine in the mess hall. Guest restrooms are on the first floor past the test kitchen and leasing office. The elevator, basement level, second floor, and third floor are restricted from guests' access, and are for tenant and Partake staff use only.

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Where can restaurant and tenants park?

While Partake is not able to offer on-site parking, there is a substantial amount of street parking available directly adjacent to our building. Additionally, parking spaces on 5th Street will be marked for short-term (<30min) parking for use by delivery drivers and/or guests arriving to pick up to-go orders.

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What are the types of kitchens available?

In order to suit different needs and different types of operators, Partake has four types of kitchens available for rent or lease.

Private Kitchens

Our private kitchens are equipped only with a pre-installed commercial exhaust system, along with all the pre-run utility connections an operation of that size might require. As these spaces are delivered empty, they allow for significant customization. They are available for lease on a 1-year term, with as many as two additional 1-year extensions.

Prep Kitchens

Our prep kitchens are about 200-400sf each, and contain only code-compliant finish materials + pre-run utilities. These kitchens are not equipped for any type of mechanical exhaust and are used solely for cold food preparation-type operations. They are available for lease at 6, 9, and 12 month terms, with flexible extension options.

Hourly Kitchens

Our hourly kitchen contains 5 fully-equipped rentable cooking suites, 4 of which contain traditional cooking equipment, with the 5th fit-out with large production equipment. The space also contains 2 shared walk-in refrigerators, a walk-in freezer, separate dry-storage space, and a commercial warewashing station. These suites are rentable for 4-12 hour shifts, with time-frames from as little as one day up to a full month. When reserving a cooking suite in our hourly kitchen, that individual cooking line is yours exclusively for the duration of your rental term.

Chef's Kitchen

Our chef's kitchen is fully-outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment, and set in full-view of Partake’s guest-facing operation. This space is rentable by the day or week, for up to 3 weeks of private use. Additionally, the space possesses a chef’s counter with seating up to 6, along with an adjacent conference room for use as a private dining room for an added fee. Unfortunately, this space cannot be utilized for pop-ups or any type of event that guests would be charged for attending. If you need space for a pop-up event, please contact us.

All About Partake

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What is Partake’s Mission?

Our mission is to amplify our communities and strengthen the local economy by developing local small businesses, giving customers competitive options to shop small and exposing them to amazing new FandB concepts. Read more about our story here.

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What other resources does Partake have for tenants?**

We provide optional training, business services, mentorship, and support for our tenants through our network of vetted vendors, professionals, and food and beverage experts. We advocate for local entrepreneurs, operators, and producers; provide an exclusive support infrastructure to support tenants; and offer a business incubator and accelerator program.

Our network of vetted, collaborative vendors provides new business owners guidance and includes experts from legal and branding, to food and beverage operations and business development to help your business achieve greater success. Find out more by contacting us here.

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Are you hiring?

*We are currently hiring for the following positions. If you are interested in submitting an application, contact us here.

Shift Supervisor





Dining + Takeout

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Are all third-party delivery apps available for use?

In order to maintain the greatest level of consistency possible, Partake will be limiting the connected 3rd-party delivery service providers to 3-4 vendors with the largest & most effective local networks.

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How do you order from a ghost kitchen or Partake Collective?

While each one differs, ghost kitchens usually offer a mobile ordering and delivery experience to fit your needs. At Partake, you can order from our collection of vendors by visiting our online ordering page, using an order kiosk in our food hall, or through third-party delivery apps.

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How do I pick up my online order at Partake Collective?

To pick up your order, visit our location at 456 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA. Once you enter, head over to our order pick-up station. You will receive a notification once your order is ready with instructions to find your designated cubby.

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How do I purchase products + food in-store?

Browse our shop on Level 1 to purchase snacks, drinks, and products separately, or to pick up your order. Don’t worry if you already paid, our check-out kiosks are self-serve and we have staff on-site, ready to assist you if needed.

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Is there parking for guests?

There is two-hour metered street parking on Elm Ave and 5th Street for $1/hour Monday - Saturday 9 am to 6 pm (excludes Sundays and holidays). There are also 30-minute loading zones on 5th Street for pick-up-only orders.

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How do I get to Partake Collective?

Partake Collective is located at 456 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA. We have two entrances—one on 5th Street and one on Elm Ave.

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Can I order from more than one restaurant?

Great question! Partake is a new concept and we are still developing our order technology. We are working hard to add a multi-restaurant feature for guests to mix and match their orders. Until then, we encourage you to place multiple separate orders for pick-up, dine-in, or delivery so that you can enjoy more than one restaurant at once.

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How can I apply to become a restaurant at Partake Collective?

We’d love to consider you as a restaurant. To apply to become a vendor at Partake, email us at

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What are the Partake market + food hall hours?

Hours vary from restaurant to restaurant. If you’re planning to order from somewhere specific, you can check their hours. Follow our Instagram for announcements and updates. The Partake market and mess hall will be open during the following hours:

Sunday - Wednesday: 11 am - 9 pm

Thursday - Saturday: 11 am - 10 pm

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When will Partake Collective be open for dine-in and takeout?

We are currently open for dine in and takeout!

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Can I host an event at Partake Collective?

Yes! We have a chef's kitchen and private dining area, perfect for special events. Send us a message to inquire about renting space for your next event.

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Who should I contact if there is an issue with my order?

If you encounter an issue with your order from one of the restaurants at Partake, please contact the 3rd party delivery app from which you placed your order. For example, if you used UberEats to place your order, please contact their customer service to have the issue resolved.

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