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Ready to test your ghost kitchen concept or expand your existing food and beverage business? Our cloud kitchens have the infrastructure, game-plan, and support you need to succeed. At Partake, we help you bring your passion to life.

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Success for Your Business Looks Like:

  • A variety of shared kitchen types and sizes for every stage.
  • Flexible options for short and long-term leases.
  • An ecosystem of trusted experts to help you build and improve your business.
  • Key services such as maintenance and technology.

The Partake Advantage

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Our Mission

Partake is a culinary ecosystem committed to strengthening communities through food experiences by providing food startups and entrepreneurs with a simple framework to create a successful business.

We offer access and opportunity by reducing traditional barriers to entry for local restaurateurs, chefs, small businesses, and more. Our interconnected community provides restaurants with the support and structures they need to grow with purpose and velocity.

Our Story
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Ghost Kitchen + Food Hall Features

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Easy to Start, Customizable Ghost Kitchens

Our private, prep, and commissary kitchen spaces are flexible—just add the equipment you want. Our team can assist with fit-out and equipment procurement using our pre-designed kitchen layouts and pre-run utilities.

A Variety of Fully Outfitted Kitchen Types

Our private, commercial test kitchen and rentable cooking suites come with state-of-the-art equipment for all production demands. Additionally, the five cooking suites in our communal ghost kitchen are great for small or large-scale production. Plus, our chef's kitchen with chef’s counter is ideal for special dinners or experimenting with new concepts.

Extensive Business and Tenant Support

We have access to every expert a restaurateur could ever need—from legal and insurance to kitchen design and branding. We understand to grow your business, you need support from experts who can help you focus on what you love: your restaurant.

Accelerator + Incubator Program

Gain access to financing and the information and tools needed to develop your brand with our optional business development program. Learn from our experiences and take advantage of our business support services. Our advisors have years of experience in launching local restaurants and brands.

Diverse Collection of Vendors

Our virtual food hall offers a rotating collection of different restaurant concepts to choose from—giving the community access to new restaurants that nurture the local economy and restaurateurs like you.

Contactless Pickup or Delivery

Our easy technology platform and pickup area make everything simple and straightforward. Customers can order online from our website, via third-party delivery services, or experience Partake in person and order at one of our kiosks for dine-in or takeout.

Innovative Retail Market

Our digital market eatery features a curated selection of products from various food concepts and regional vendors. Customers can purchase items onsite or through delivery. This creative retail feature is seamlessly integrated into the waiting area for customers to browse while visiting Partake.

Food Hall and Event Space

Customers can enjoy their meal in our communal mess hall or rent it out as an event space. As communities recover from the pandemic, customers are looking for the flexibility of taking out or dining in. Partake’s public dining space functions as a casual food hall for locals to enjoy their food on-site or rent out for special events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a traditional ghost kitchen work vs. Partake?

While most traditional ghost kitchens only offer pickup and delivery services with no public storefront, Partake does things a little differently. We offer a communal food hall and virtual market to offer a shared space where people can enjoy food from their local community. This is different from other ghost kitchens which only offer virtual food services. Visit our locations to enjoy a dine-in experience, or order online for pickup or delivery—it’s that simple!

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What is Partake?

Partake Collective is a ghost kitchen operator and developer. We were created as a solution: Though the demand for food delivery has grown since the pandemic, communities are still in need of brick-and-mortar restaurants where people can dine in. Partake is the first of its kind—part ghost kitchen, food hall, chef's kitchen, and retail market space. Our unique food + market hall offers a variety of snacks and products from local vendors. Our goal is to create an innovative community ecosystem where customers and restaurants can connect while supporting localism.

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What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, virtual kitchens, shadow kitchens, and commissary kitchens, are a relatively new type of professional cooking facility where operators lease private kitchens or kitchen spaces to produce food specifically for take-out or delivery. These physical spaces are commercial kitchens that typically have no dine-in seating, no storefront, and no service staff. Ghost kitchens are great for small business owners and entrepreneurs because they dramatically reduce the cost and timeline for operational start-up and provide a low-cost extension of any current brick and mortar kitchen operations. Brands and restaurants who work out of ghost kitchens fulfill their orders via food delivery apps or online ordering platforms for delivery or takeout (and sometimes drive-thru). Ghost kitchens are not virtual or delivery-only restaurants—they are the physical space where virtual or delivery-only restaurants can operate from.

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